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Pros and cons of the December baby

A baby is decked out in an elf costume for the holiday season.

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A baby is decked out in an elf costume for the holiday season.

Kenna Zeigler, Reporter

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The month of December marks the start of a holiday season filled with finding the perfect presents for friends and family and the bright lights surrounding the town. Those that are born in this snowy month grow up with a birthday experience unlike any other. Whether being born near Christmas is beneficial or disastrous, there are surely certain pros and cons that come with the birthday.



  1. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, the gift amount is surely a bit larger when you add in your birthday presents. Family may even be in a more giving mood and upgrade the presents you receive
  2. The whole month of December is like one large celebration. The time of year with joy all around and some type of festivity around every corner. The part that everyone looks forward to since the first day of school is Winter Break. This does not apply to everyone but a break is one great way to get to spend your birthday. Especially when it is an unexpected snow day. You might as well say the break is for your birthday, rather than for Christmas and the New Year. While everyone else most likely still has to go to school, minus those summer birthdays, you get the day off to relax and celebrate without the stress of going to school.
  3. Finally, the mere aspect of being born in December is relatively rare. Those that are born in the 12th month should take advantage of the unique birthday opportunities they have. Only the few winter month birthdays can go ice skating for their birthday, or even skiing. Christmas babies are the gift that keeps on giving every year to the people around them.



  1. While some people born in December may get double the presents, there are also those that are sentenced to a life filled with the shared gift. Many times people feel the need to only give one present for their birthday and the holidays instead of the separate gifts that most people receive in different months. Grateful for the presents they receive, yet spiteful towards the other people that get separate presents.
  2. Not only is presents a downfall for the person with the birthday, but also for the family and friends of that person. Think of the already depressing cost of Christmas gifts and double that for celebrating someone’s birthday. Not fun. This is often why December birthdays get one present for both their birthday and Christmas.
  3. While not having school for your birthday is surely a plus, it is also a downfall to the day. People are more likely to wish you a happy birthday at school. Even though we all try to be humble, everyone is secretly relishing the attention that comes from birthdays. Not having this special day spent at school means a fun day, but less attention.
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Pros and cons of the December baby